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Marie MASSIAS, Head of the telephone answering service ADDLine

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Cotraitance enables us to find outsourcing providers everywhere in France. They are truly talented professionals, they really help».     COMMENT FAIRE 




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Works - Construction

Layout Joinery Roof covering Roofing  General electrical installations  Landscaping Tree trimming  Engineering Architectural studies Project management Inspection  Painting Tiling Plastering  Plumbing/Heating and Air conditioning  Structural work/Masonry

Transport – Subcontracting in Deliveries

Deliveries Moving services Furniture storage  National moving International moving  Box rental  Logistics  Furniture delivery and installation  Vehicle transport  Live animal transportation services

General services

Law and taxation  Vocational training  Data processing Telecommunications  Payroll/Accounting  Debt collection  Human resources  Security/Surveillance

Secretarial services

Administrative management  Audio transcription  Call center and Answering services  Sales management  Legal assistance  Social management  Medical office services

Marketing communications

Strategic communication consulting  Printing Advertising object  Advertising  Press relations, writing  Telemarketing, Video teleprospecting, Sound design, Photo


Creation of websites  Graphic design  Website referencing – SEO (Search Engine Organization) – SEM (Search Engine Marketing)  Web ergonomics  Web programming and development

Janitorial service

Maintenance and upkeep of premises  Industrial cleaning  Office cleaning  Common area maintenance  Hotel cleaning  Retail store cleaning

Industrial subcontracting

Cutting out , Pressing , Spinning  Electricity , Electronics , Automation Packaging/Packing  Technical studies , Design Manufacture of tools , Moulds, Models , Scale models  Fasteners , Bolts , screws Casting of metals, Presswork  Industrial computing  Special capacity machines  Maintenance and inspection visits +