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The latest requests for quotes


Desired Location: Glasgow United Kingdom

Company specialized in individual houses building is looking for a contractor for a building site located in Glasgow which has to start as soon as possible. Tasks to be undertaken are:

– In the bathroom: completely replace the shower tiles, and replace the basin mixer.

– In the living room: install a click PVC flooring, create a bright spot, hang a bathroom cabinet above the sink and put on a shelf for the microwave.

We want to work with a reliable company having a ansurance with up-to-date premiums. If we are happy with the service, other projects are already in the pipeline.


You’re looking for a service provider or a subcontractor?

Post a similar request for proposal, it’s free and it only takes 2 mn or less!


Desired Location: New York United States


We are a food company, and we want to find a contractor for regular delivery rounds (two half-days a week as a start). Our warehouse is located in New York and our stores are located in the New York area.

Light transportation for less than 20M3 and no need for a refrigerated truck.

Start: ideally by May – yet to be discussed

Best regards,

You’re looking for a service provider or a subcontractor?

Post a similar request for proposal, it’s free and it only takes 2 mn or less!


Desired Location: San Francisco United States

Company specialized in individual houses building located in San Francisco is seeking to appoint a secretary. Applicants must be serious, independent, show responsiveness, and be capable of undertaking following tasks:

– Typing and editing quotes or invoices (about 4 to 5 per day) on EXCEL, with a delivery date on D+1. About 80% of quotes fit in a page with photos inserted.
– Typing reports on WORD (about 1 to 2 per week) with a delivery date on D+1.
All necessary information for this service is to be transferred by email. We urgently need a remote secretary.

Best regards,

You’re looking for a service provider or a subcontractor?

Post a similar request for proposal, it’s free and it only takes 2 mn or less!


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